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Summer Solstice 

Virtual Immersion

5-DAY Cleanse & Kundalini Yoga Immersion with Devotional Principle

17-21st June 2024

8-10am UK / 9-11am CET / 11-1pm UAE


Join me on a 5-day virtual kundalini devotional immersion and detox to arrive at the summer solstice feeling very radiant, healthy and centered in your heart.







we will meet online daily for 2 hours with : mantra recitation (30mn)+ kundalini yoga practice with deep relaxation (90mn)

you will receive daily Bhagvad Gita verses (Vedic philosophy) for personal contemplation

you will receive guidelines for a cleanse with different protocols and easy recipes with varying degrees of fasting : cleansing on only green juice, or including soup, or including food - whichever suits you best

you will be sent a recommended sadhana to continue after the course for 40-days

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Sindhu Dasi (Mariam) is a practitioner of the devotional arts, OM Chanting facilitator and has been teaching kundalini yoga for the last seven years. She is passionate about Kriya yoga and in supporting students in finding their sadhana : daily spiritual practice from which she has seen immense healing, transformation and benefits.


The summer solstice is an epic moment of the year where the light streaming onto the earth increases. Kundalini yoga is an incredible tool to increase our ability to absorb and receive this light energetically. This practice can - in a short time - deeply work the lymphatic, glandular and nervous system, have deep benefits on emotional and mental health, and bring one to a natural state of meditation.


Open to all levels of experience and practice.

If you are participating in the southern hemisphere where it is winter solstice - it is still very beneficial :)


message me below

Thank you for your message, I will be in touch


Before June 11th

After June 11th price goes up to £144

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