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Mariam Al Qassimi is a kundalini and restorative yoga teacher, OM Chanting facilitator, and practitioner of the devotional arts. Passionate about kriya yoga - a practice that combines mantra, breath, movement and meditation, she is a firm advocate for the transformative and spiritual benefits of sadhana : personal spiritual practice. Her greatest grace, blessing and joy is to follow the teachings of her beloved spiritual master, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda, who initiated her as ‘Sindhu Dasi’ (hence the name of this website) into his devotional lineage - the Hari Bhakta Sampradaya - and into the practice of jappa and Atma Kriya Yoga.


Living in the United Arab Emirates and of Emirati, Iraqi & Irish origin, she had her entire education in French, with her parents encouraging her exposure to different cultures, languages, traditions and ways of living whilst honouring her tribal origin and heritage.


Having studied Philosophy (BA, King’s college London) and Gender studies (MA, SOAS) and worked in environmental conservation and with the Jane Goodall’s Institute, she then studied transpersonal counselling, bodywork and energy healing modalities, followed by many colourful years learning from different elders and traditions.


From pilgrimages through sacred deserts, shamanic dietas in the Brazilian Amazon, living in zen monasteries (plum village), receiving initiation into a shamanic women’s mystery lineage (with the serpent, rose and honey bee), and spending time with Maestro Manuel Rufino, she hosted the first plantings of the Wixarika (Huichol) and the Mayan fires and altars to the Middle East. Feeling very comfortable and at home everywhere, she is relieved to have found her root in Bhakti whilst still receiving inspiration from all of life.


Mariam shares Kriya with the intention to support students in cultivating a devotional, endless and surrendered love relationship with the divine. She has experienced and witnessed incredible transformation through Kundalini Yoga and OM Chanting circles and is very excited to share these techniques. She loves to hold 120th day Adi Shakti ceremonies for mothers and babies.


She is currently studying devotional philosophy and attempting to listen closely to the teachings of her Satguru with the hope to impart even as much as a drop of this heart-liberating wisdom one day.

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