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OM Chanting is a potent meditative and self & distant healing group practice where participants sit in a specific configuration and chant the sacred syllable OM seated in a specific configuration, usually for 45mn. This technique is given through blessing by Paramahamsa Vishwananda and carries the blessing and lineage of immortal master Mahavatar Babaji.

The circle brings blessings and healing to people, to the natural environment and to the waters around the circle for up to a 5 mile radius.


Participants are welcome to bring a bottle of water which becomes a healing water, alongside prayers & names of situations or persons in need of healing. Kindly note that once the circle starts it will not be possible to join or to leave the circle until it is complete, however latecomers are very welcome to come and participate in the chanting or to receive an OM bath from outside of the circle.


OM Chanting can be passed on (with training and blessing) to anyone who would like to facilitate their own circles.

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Kundalini Yoga is a kriya practice consisting of breath, mantra, meditation and movement which awakens the life force energy coiled at the base of the spine.

When practiced with devotion and precision, the techniques offer an effective, rapid and rich inner experience, a sense of awakening, a clarity of consciousness and alignment with spirit that can support great healing and transformation. On a physical level, one is able to work deeply into the glandular, nervous and lymphatic systems which brings renewal and strength; the practice also balances the emotions, the mind and the energetic field.


Classes are always adaptable to all ‘levels’ and taught through the principle of Bhakti Yoga. Sindhu Dasi’s intention in teaching is to support students in retrieving their personal soul codes and to walk the path of their highest dharma and destiny. She has seen many students empowered by this practice who to this day regularly practice a sadhana, students that have become free of cycles of addiction and has also taught many that have then become teachers themselves.


Sindhu Dasi received her training under Guru Jagat, Tej & Harijiwan Khalsa at Ra Ma Institute NYC.

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